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Please Support Our Generous Partners
These supporters of USCABQ gave funds or donated to our Sustainable GALA fund-raiser. Thank you!

FASHION PARTNERS: Alicia's Closet, 2417 Wyoming NE; Avenger's Vintage, 3812 Central SE; Colibri Clothing, 103 Amherst SE; Deja Vu NE, 2685 Louisiana NE; La Casa Bella, 5200 Eubank NE; SAFE House 6001 Lomas NE #Q; Savers, 3400 Calle Cuervo NW #2; Savers, 2620 Carlisle NE; Swan Song, 2500 Central SW; What Comes Around, 6300 San Mateo NE; What Goes Around, 6200 Coors NW; Your Other Closet, 5850 Eubank NE; Ren's Second Hand Store, 8949-4th Street NW; The Common Good, 2902 Eubank Blvd. NE

Our Generous Donors and Sponsors
Please support these gracious partners! They donated to our Sustainable GALA fundraiser.

DONOR AND SPONSOR PARTNERS: Novella Keyler, Life Coach & GALA Chair,; Rod Hodge, EmCee, Chiropractic Services,; Life Is A Gem, 9720 Candelaria road NE, Suite F,; Denise Sharma, Massage Therapist,; The Salt Cave,; LaFonda Santa Fe,; Dan Paterno, Haircut Gift Cert & Fashion Show Styling,; Raphael Rivera, Fashion Show Hairstyling,; Scott Miller, Happy Circles,; Kennette Weatherford; Christine Couvert, & christiane-couvert.html; Gloria Drayer, Yoga Instructor,; Ellie Klein, Good Earth Medicine,; Deborah Pirtle, Reflexology, 505-293-3338; Sue Eaton,; Kimberly Robinson,; Carly Babani,; Evelyn Perez,; Sharon Cuts and Combs, 505-292-2066; Stella Vigil, Clothes, 505-991-2815; Becca Grant, Shanti Wellness,; The Attachment Center, USCABQ gift bags,

Lesbian Earth
A Global Community for You

As organizers of Albuquerque Queer Women Meetup Group, Lesbian Earth wanted to create a safe space where our community could gather to enjoy activities while making friends. The lesbian  coffee shops and bars are long gone.  We took it a step further. Why not  promote healthy relationships?  And groups to promote healthy lives and personal growth?

Lesbian Earth was born. See their website for more information:

New Mexico OUT Business Alliance
Partnering with the community

New Mexico OUT Business Alliance is a state-wide equal-opportunity Chamber of Commerce comprised of LGBTQ and allied/supportive businesses and professionals. Their mission is to build upon, promote and invest in the diverse LGBTQ business and professional community throughout New Mexico. They provide resources, networking, training, and connections. We are proud to partner with them.