A Welcoming Inclusive Spiritual Home
9800 Candelaria Blvd. NE, ABQ, NM 87112 ; Phone 505-292-1998; office@abqunity.org; Sunday Service 10:00 am

Unity Spiritual Center is unique in Albuquerque, but certainly not in the world.   

Unity is dedicated to the open mind, to the continuous quest for truth.  It seeks not to tell you what to think, nor how to define god, nor what creeds to accept or deny.  Unity seeks only to teach you how to think, how to connect, so that you can uncover your own definition of god, experience your own communion with the creator, and find your own personal revelation of truth.

We are not a church, as in the traditional idea of church.  Yes, we do have Sunday services, but they are not about worshiping someone or something outside of us, praising a human-like “god” somewhere out there, they are about discovering the presence of the Divine within us, and about learning practical spiritual skills for your life right here and now.  We have no dogma, nor a creed.  Unity is a place where those who are spiritual but not religious may find a home.  Unity offers many classes and other opportunities to connect and to discover your personal practical spirituality. 

So, if modern Christianity does not resonate with you, we invite you to try Unity.  A Spiritual Home where we work to “co-create a world that works for all”.  By “all” we do mean all, regardless of your race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or gender identity, you are a beloved child of the creator, by whatever name you call it.  And the creator LOVES diversity!  Be forewarned though, Unity is not a “come to church, feel good, and go home and do nothing till next week” religion.  It is a home for those who desire to grow spiritually and discover principles that are practical and useful in daily living.  It takes desire, work and practice. 

The Unity seeker is face to face with god and with themselves as god.  There is nowhere to go, no one to blame, nothing to hide behind.  Likewise, there is no one to do your work for you.  No one to rescue you, no one to go before you.  For the god that would do that is a god that prevents its own creation from evolving.  But the god that moves as you, and through you, propelling you to go forward, is a god of evolution.  It is not a personal god as someone who walks beside you but god personified by walking as you.  You realize that your life is the result of your keeping the great spiritual laws of creation, which simply put, is that god can do no more for you than god can do as you.  Therefore, the responsibility is upon you to hone your thinking and practice.  

So, if you are seeking a spiritual home, a like-minded tribe of seekers, a joyful, joy-filled community, give Unity a try.  Join us at 10am on Sunday mornings for our regular service.   Watch this page for information about classes and other events.  

In Loving Service,

Gordon Keyler


Contact the USCABQ Office: office@abqunity.org

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