Lesson Notes

The Power of Wisdom

Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore wrote "The Twelve Powers of Man" in 1930.  Charles identified twelve powers, or gifts, that every human being has.  Having noted the numerous times the number 12 is used in sacred writings, we built his theories around the number twelve as a representation of a "complete" human being.  He associated each of the Twelve Powers with the 12 Disciples of Jesus.  But, the world has changed, humanity has evolved, and we are realizing more than ever, that we need a balance of energies, male and female, masculine and feminine.  Awakening to the out of balance world we have created, Rev. Gordon Keyler realized it is time to bring the Feminine energies back into full expression to balance the Mascvuline energies.  Toward that end, Gordon has identified 12 Women from Sacred Scriptures to represent the 12 Powers.