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Spring Adventures in Faith is Fast Approaching! Sign ups for each group are starting. Groups are  various locations, dates, and times in the ABQ area over 5 weeks (May 12 - June 13). Sign up early for your preferred group as group sizes are limited.

Beginning May 13, Unity presents our Spring Adventures in Faith based on the book, "Living Untethered" by Michael A. Singer. What is it? Small group book study in various homes. We will also have an online group for those who cannot attend an in-person group.

How does it work? - Adventures in Faith (AIF) is an opportunity for small groups to meet in various homes and discuss the book.  The groups are led by facilitators, each of whom will have material to guide the discussion.  

Who can host? - You can!  If you are interested in hosting a group, please let us know the following:

     Your name, address, phone number and email
     How many participants you have room for.
     Day of week and time you can host

Who can facilitate? - You can!  You will be required to attend an orientation prior to the beginning of AIF at which you will receive the facilitators guide and training.  This will be held on a Sunday after church.  You will need to be available to facilitate when the host you are matched with is having their group.  If you are interested in hosting let us know the following:

     Name, email and phone number.
     Where you live or are willing to travel to.

Finally, you are welcome to both host and facilitate if you wish.

Please contact Gordon to volunteer to host and/or facilitate or to get any questions answered.