El Malpais Lava Fields, the McCarty's Flow
Saturday April 15

Two rendevous places; we'll meet and caravan from here: 

Leaving USC Parking Lot at 9:00 am


Leaving Laguna Burger at the Rio Puerco at 9:30 am (Westside)

The Lava Falls Trail forms a one-mile loop with a short spur trail leading into a natural amphitheatre of lava. Winding through the youngest of the El Malpais Lava Fields, the McCarty's Flow, this trail is an other-worldly adventure!

Only 1 mile long, this is a rugged hike over uneven lava. Elevation gains are minimal, but hikers should be aware of balance and know their limits. For more information, talk to Rev. Gordon.

Bring trail food and plenty of water. Long pants are recommended as the lava absorbs heat and sunburn happens very quickly. 

Sign up at the Event Epicenter Table to RSVP or email office@abqunity.org.

Unity Explorers meets approximately once a month to go on various outdoor adventures of varying difficulty.  Many of our hikes are suitable for children and all skill levels.  Occasionally, there will be hikes for more experienced hikers.  During winter or inclement weather, trips to museums of other interesting events are scheduled.   Contact the office for more information.