El Morro Hike
Saturday November 26 at 8:00am

Walk off that Thanksgiving Dinner with your Unity Explorers friends!  El Morro aka Inscription Rock is west of the Malpais near Ramah.  Because it has a natural spring, it has attracted travelers and explorers for thousands of year.  Many of them, from ancient peoples, to Onate, Coronado, Pike, and other more modern people carved their names on the rock.  At the top are the ruins of an ancient Pueblo.  
You may do one or both of the hikes available.  The first is an easy paved trail around the base of the rock, suitable for all levels of hikers.  The second is the trail to the top, a short but steep climb is required.  There are restrooms in the visitor center and a picnic area.  This is a great trip for children! 

There is no charge to enter the National Park, but please bring some cash to help pay for gas if you are riding with someone. 

Unity Explorers meets approximately once a month to go on various outdoor adventures of varying difficulty.  Many of our hikes are suitable for children and all skill levels.  Occasionally, there will be hikes for more experienced hikers.  During winter or inclement weather, trips to museums of other interesting events are scheduled.   Contact the office for more information.