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SUNDAY, June 26th, we will have a special guest at our service!

Dear Unity Family,
          We will have a very special guest this Sunday as promised last month, Charles Fillmore! Charles will wrap us our series on the Power of Imagination as well as share some of his personal story. Charles was the very embodiment of imagination/ From his earliest days he was a dreamer, and he used that power to Imagine a movement that would one day encircle the globe.
          Unity Spiritual Center is incorporating that power of Imagination as we recover from the burglary last weekend. John Vandermey, along with Kent Pittsenbarger has been very busy working every night to get us back up and running. And we are so very grateful to all of you who gave extra to help us begin replacing our equipment.
          Be sure to be here on Sunday July 3rd as we celebrate WISH Fulfilled! We hope you will bring a potluck dish to share, and Unity will provide the cake. Rev's. Judith and Jim Marshall will be joining us along with some special guests from the neighborhood!
Imagining the Best for you,
          PS: Guess who this person was? He had a connection to Unity! You hear the answer on Sunday.

          All are welcome to join us. We are a welcoming, inclusive spiritual home. Hear beautiful music with Todd Lowry and the USCABQ Music Team of Kent Pittsenbargar and Brian Griesmeyer and most Sundays a special guest soloist. We are known and loved for our special music. The message by our Senior Minister, Rev. Gordon Keyler, or a guest speaker is uplifting, affirming, and often thought provoking.

We are not a church, as in the traditional idea of church.  Yes, we do have Sunday services, but they are not about worshiping someone or something outside of us, praising a human-like “god” somewhere out there, they are about discovering the presence of the Divine within us, and about learning practical spiritual skills for your life right here and now.  We have no dogma, nor a creed.  Unity is a place where those who are spiritual but not religious may find a home.  Unity offers many classes and other opportunities to connect and to discover your personal practical spirituality. 

Our children join us toward the end of the service to tell us about their learnings and creations in the Youth and Family Ministry classrooms and receive a blessing. We always end with a song, "Let Peace Begin with Me".

After the service we have beverages, snacks and treats in our newly remodeled Fellowship Hall. It is a great place to meet and greet. In the summer we often enjoy this time outside on the lawn. First Sundays are Potluck Sunday (bring a favorite dish to share).

Second Sundays are Birthday Sunday (those with birthdays in the month are blessed).