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Please join us for Sunday Service at 10:00 for a lesson, music, and community, lesson by Rev. Gordon Keyler, music with Todd Lowry and the USC ABQ Music Team, and a special music soloist.

Nov. 20th Sunday Service:

Join us on Sunday November 20, when we have as our special guests, Stacia Duarte, Principle and Irene Camarillo, Community School Coordinator. Stacia and Irene will meet with all interested people to explain how we can partner with Ernie Pyle Middle School.
Ways we can partner by mentoring in the following after school programs:

Leadership (ROTC)


Music - Drums, Guitar, Band, Swing Choir, Native American flute

Physical Activities

Chess and Table games

Art, Drama

Newspaper and Yearbook


If you have a skill and some time to devote to a very deserving and appreciative group of young people, this is a great opportunity to be of service to the community.
For more information or to volunteer, please contact:
Betsey Stilson at

  Dear Unity Family,

Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of Unity with her husband, called gratitude and Thanksgiving, "Qualities of the soul."   She went on to write, "Heaven and Earth listen and respond to the soul that is quickened into praise and thanksgiving."  She also mentioned that we are to give thanks not just on one day a year, but every day.  Moreover, giving thanks, she said, "has increased meager supply into superabundance before, and thus it can again.  “Elisha did it, Jesus did it, and the same power is latent in you. Why not bring it forth?”

Science has come a long way since Myrtle's time.  One of the things we are understanding more is the energy that is created and used in the gratitude process.  Today, we give thanks for what we have had, what we have, and most importantly, what we wish for.  The creation process requires "Great Fullness" to bring us into energetic alignment with what already exists in the realm of substance.  We must be in the energy of what we want.  Or another way to look at it is that we do not go to our dream or goals, we come from the energy of our dreams and goals.  The most effective way to do this is to be in the vibration of gratitude for what we already have.  Thus, there are two "Branches" of Gratitude.  

Speaking of Gratitude, one of the things I am grateful for right now is that Michael Small is now serving as a full-time volunteer Ministerial Assistant!  Michael has already relieved me of much of the behind the scenes work that a minister does which frees me up to crate more classes, events and other programs and services.  As Michael is on the path to ordination as a Unity Minister, this will give him experience in the daily requirements of ministry.   
I hope you’ll join me in welcoming and supporting Michael in this new role.

Gratefully Yours,