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Vision Workshop
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Saturday, July 2
A few weeks ago Gordon asked, rhetorically he thought, who in the congregation had a dream, and apparently few people raised their hands. That says to me, IT’S TIME FOR A VISION WORKSHOP!  Everyone has a dream, even if you don’t know what it is. We are wired by the Divine to become more.  Unity people understand that Jesus came to show us the way to create an abundant life! And there are spiritual principles that YOU can use to manifest what You want.

I’m going to be giving an IN PERSON Vision Workshop called The Power of Vision: 3 Keys to Your Results. Despite the title, I actually present 6 strategies you can start using immediately to move you toward your dream. It’s FREE, interactive, and a lot of fun. Bring some paper and something to write with (or a computer/netbook.) Many people like to take notes on this powerful material, but there will also be an opportunity to do some journaling. I’m not asking the Hospitality Team to prepare anything, so bring something to drink to hold you until the break, at which time I’ll have water and iced tea for us. I hope you will join me Saturday July 2 from1- 4 pm in the sanctuary. These 6 principles can change your life!